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Frequently Asked Question!

Our custom designed cookies are ordered by the dozen and start with a base pricing model.  As we introduce more shapes, colors, techniques, etc the price is adjusted accordingly.

Unfortunately we do not currently offer any type of shipping.  Customers have personally shipped items with success, however we do not offer that service.

Once we have completed our consultation and set the order you will receive an email invoice with a link to pay online.  Please note, until that invoice is paid your order is not locked in.

When heat sealed and stored properly our cookies are still delicious for 7-10 days from pickup.

Stored in a cool dry location, our Hot Chocolate Bombs remain fresh and delicious for up to two weeks.

Simply heat 8oz of milk or water.  Place the Hot Chocolate Bomb into a mug.  Slowly pour the hot liquid over the bomb and watch as the magic happens!

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